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About QED

QED is a decentralised Oracle protocol with a robust economic model connecting multiple blockchains, smart contract platforms and off-chain data sources

Project Onboarding

Pleasing the blockchain community is probably one of the hardest tasks anyone can accomplish. Being disruptive by nature, blockchain founders and fanatics who are design aficionados are always looking at clever ways to entertain users.



Designing QED

Colour Psychology

Black and Red for stealth and alertness. We chose this colour combination thinking its speak for the purpose of the product.

"Blockchain oracles are third-party services that provide smart contracts with external information. They serve as bridges between blockchains and the outside world" - Binance

Data Visualisation

One of our favourite practices is data visualisation and is one of those services that make us stand apart from the rest of UI UX Agencies out there in the world.

Unfortunately we can't show you everything we've done for them! But have a look at some of the public assets on their website.

Our exceptional team is comprised not only of UI UX Designers and developers but we count with a lot of brain power from statisticians and psychologists that understand how human beings interpret numbers / results.

Marketing Content

Another service we've been providing to the QED Team is Graphics Design for Marketing. Here are some examples:

If you haven't checked out their website or you would like to know more about the QED Team you can join their Telegram group and keep up to date with this amazing project!

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