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Final Product:

In A Nutshell

Silver Swan is a bespoke luxury recruitment agency which means they allocate staff for the rich and famous.

Philippa Smith, the founder of Silver Swan, advocates for creativity, innovation and automation, our role at Silver Swan, has been to facilitate technology and design resources and decision to develop aesthetic, user-centric,  software and media.

Brand New Candidate Portal

It took us about 4 months to map every user journey, architect it, bullet-proof it, wireframe it and finally design in this high fidelity prototype you'll see below.

The marketplace tho straight forward to build and design still needed a fresh new look and lot of code to make it performant. Lots of outdated packages and outdated designs that could only make the experience more complicated for Silver Swan users.

We wanted to make the application experience as smooth as possible so we took a few components from various Big Tech platforms to ease the learning curve of our target audience.

How it All Happened

When we arrived at SilverSwan, we found ourselves with a bit of an outdated software with a few UX mistakes. It was our mission to prove to the Silver Swan team that a little polishing would bring tons of benefits to their company.

Back to the drawing board

If we wanted to innovate and improve what we currently had it was crucial that we mapped out how processes where being carried at the company and in the app. Most importantly what kind of data was it leaving behind and how could we create a few KPIs and benchmark them.

Knowing your customer

Ok so we have plenty of data that allowed us to understand the behaviour of users in the app and basically it allowed us to draw mental models on how people think, behave and categorise or just make their decisions.

Lots of doodling

If you never mapped out your processes on a white board maybe it's time for you to rethink your innovation process.

We are all about data but getting a 2 or 3 key leaders in a room and drawing how your company operates will allow you to see clearly what areas can use a little love.

Architecting the app

So after much research and doodling we were able to profile accurately our primary and secondary users.

Wit this is mind we started putting together a few frames and start testing them out to get back some feedback and measurable results.

Other Cool Stuff We Do At Silver Swan

First of all if you have never heard of Silver Swan Recruitment I encourage your to visit them at The Ministry in Borough.

This company and team is full of energy and charisma and their thrive to innovate makes it a very pleasant place to work and be creative.

Aside from Software Development and Design, we've done marketing graphics and media for the Silver Swan Team and a lovely brochure.

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Some of the posts we've developed.

Launch of their new Miami Office

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