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Amass is an american leading provider of project advisory services, specializing in project management across the Energy, Technology, and Construction sectors. They reached out to us to revitalize their online presence and create a dynamic platform that reflects their expertise.

Amass: project management excellence in infrastructure management

Amass' consultants are experts in integration, cost control, quality assurance, and risk management across multiple sectors. In the technology sector, Amass connects companies with project management professionals who possess technical expertise, strategic vision, driving innovation and successful project completion. In the energy sector, their experts navigate complex regulatory landscapes and sustainability challenges to drive efficiency and innovation in projects spanning power distribution, oil, and gas. Similarly, in the construction sector, Amass provides skilled project management professionals who oversee every aspect of construction projects. With a focus on human capital and technical excellence, Amass empowers companies to achieve their project goals and maintain competitive advantages in their respective industries.


A digital showcase of expertise and innovation

Amass approached us with a desire to refresh their brand image and effectively highlight their extensive expertise in project management across diverse industries. In response, we delivered a complete overhaul of their website design with a visually engaging platform that effectively communicates Amass's professionalism and proficiency. Central to our approach was the implementation of a CMS to feed the site, Wordpress was chosen. Through our collaboration, we not only modernized Amass's digital footprint but also equipped them with a versatile platform to showcase their business expertise.

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