Band Barracks

Band Barracks

Music Studios UI/UX

Band Barracks is a music studio business that allows all types of musicians to rent spaces for band rehearsal, recording and DJ-ing 24/7 everyday of the week at affordable prices. Located in Houston, Texas, Band Barracks reached out to us in need of improving their digital experience and overall branding.

Experimenting with Band Barracks' branding and online presence

Band Barracks' music studio offers a comprehensive range of services, including band rehearsal spaces, recording facilities, and DJ-ing services, most of which are showcased and sold via their commercial website. Our partnership aimed to enhance their digital presence and overall branding, and we are delighted to have contributed to their success.

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Our collaboration with Band Barracks has resulted in the creation of two high fidelity wireframed designs for two distinctly unique websites, each with its own radical visual identity. Despite the diverse aesthetics, the client ultimately opted for a more traditional and serious tone, a decision we fully supported. Throughout the process, we dedicated ourselves to delivering top-notch, highly functional visual experiences tailored to their specifications. We are thrilled that our efforts gave satisfying results for the client.