Changes Immigration

Changes Immigration

WordPress Law Firm UX/UI

Changes Immigration is a law firm specialized in UK inbound immigration matters from all countries. We helped them provide a completely new web experience to their users with a deep focus on knowledge sharing.

Crafting Changes Immigration's website : a collaborative effort

In just under 2 months, we collaborated with a designer, a project manager, and a developer to create a brand new web presence for Changes Immigration, a specialized law firm based in London that works to mitigate the effects of immigration restrictions on businesses and people. Our team designed the website from scratch to capture Changes Immigration's brand identity and effectively highlight their range of immigration services. Changes Immigration has a strong commitment to equality and access to knowledge, we wanted to translate that in the look and feel of the website.

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Elevating Changes immigration services with an easy CMS experience

Because this was a content rich project with lots of written articles to be imported and published, we investigated several CMS but decided to stick with Wordpress. To speed up front-end integration, we build a custom Tailwind based theme developed through UnderscoreTW. Finally, we extended Changes Immigrations back office with a few custom fields, thanks to ACF. This simple but robust stack allowed us to quickly craft a straightforward, elegant and user-friendly web experience for both Changes Immigration's team and their end users.



Wordpress remains a no-brainer when it comes to content management

Wordpress proved to be the perfect platform for building Changes Immigration's website, especially considering the extensive written and media resources they provide. Its interface allows for easy organization and publication of articles, ensuring that Changes Immigration can effectively reach and assist their audience. We are proud to have worked on solution that empowers migrants to better navigate their immigration process in the UK.