Real Estate CRM Rails

Delphi is a real estate tool that allows property owners to easily manage their estate by centralizing expenses, contracts and other related property related information. We helped them out with UX research, process design and design integration into a Rails app that allowed for quick prototyping of our client's business idea.

Discovering essential insights with UX research

Based in Panama, Delphi's founder, had the pain of constantly reporting to clients and incurring in too much internal expenses to do so. To understand what kind of information property owners where requiring and how it generated friction, we did several UX research workshops and monitored user tests with Delphi's team.

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Helping a founder build an MVP

By focusing on core features like expense tracking and transparent reporting, we helped Delphi build a simple and effective MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to streamline property management and improve client communication. This collaborative effort ensured the MVP addressed key challenges and aligned with user needs, setting a strong foundation for future development.

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We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, collaborating with a founder to work on the development of an MVP is a very interesting experience. It was rewarding to see our efforts align with the client's needs and setting a solid foundation for the future of project.

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