Dorotea de Santis

art shopify ecommerce

For artists, a compelling online portfolio is often essential to sell their work. Recently, we collaborated with London-based illustrator and interior decorator Dorotea de Santis to design a chic online store that highlights her expertise. Here’s how we achieved it.

Allow the artist's work to shine

From the outset, it was clear the site needed to be elegant yet straightforward, emphasizing her creations. Dorotea wanted a minimalist approach, with clean designs and an effortless browsing experience.


Simplifying project displays and purchasing experience

Dorotea required an easy way to manage her projects, so we equipped her with Shopify, the most robust and user-friendly selling platform we know. This enabled her to showcase her portfolio with immersive layouts and provide an easy checkout experience for her customers.


Choosing Shopify was a practical decision due to its user-friendly interface and flexibility, but it suited Dorotea’s needs. Shopify has always allowed us to create a clean and appealing digital spaces that strengthen our client’s products and helping their work reach a wider audience.

By prioritizing simplicity, visual appeal, and ease of use, we crafted an online space that genuinely represents Dorotea de Santis’s talent and style.