Helena Hembrow

WordPress Art Webdev

Among artists, having a captivating online portfolio can be key. Recently, we teamed up with London-based director, artist, and set decorator Helena Hembrow to craft a sleek website that could showcase her talents. Here's how we did it.

Let the art speak for itself

Right from the start, we knew the website had to be simple yet stylish, putting her work front and center. Our client wanted to keep things minimalistic, focusing on clean layouts and a smooth browsing experience.

Image 1

Making it easy to show your work

Our client needed to be able to manage their projects easily, so we set them up with the most robust and user-friendly duo we know of : WordPress, paired with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). This let our client incorporate all of her portfolio in super immersive layouts. In the front-end we used TailwindCSS for the primary styling, and we added animations on the navbar and custom small interactions via AlpineJS. Finally we also relied on AOS (Animate on Scroll) in a few elements to make page loads and transitions smoother.

Image 2

Adding a touch of interaction

Quality is everything when it comes to showcasing images and videos. That's why we used a combination of SwiperJS (the best carousel solution in the market), and SpotlightJS (a lightweight lightbox solution) along with custom navigational functions to let users immerse themselves in every detail of our client's work. SpotlightJS is a breeze to work with compared to the vast majority of lightbox libraries that are either overly heavy, too minimalistic or require other external tools that weren't needed for this project.

By focusing on simplicity, visual impact, and user-friendliness, we created a digital space that truly reflects Helena Hembrow's talent and style.

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