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Serve First

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ServeFirst, a feedback survey tool, sought our expertise to enhance its capabilities. We developed a new design system for improved user experience and created a data visualization module to simplify activity monitoring.

ServeFirst is a feedback survey tool that consolidates data from various channels to provide insights into customer sentiment and analytics. It offers staff engagement platforms with visibility into key metrics, empowering teams with customer feedback management. ServeFirst facilitates operations through online, mobile, and traditional customer surveys. They have partnerships with high street retail businesses, such as Costa Coffee, in delivering valuable and actionable business insights.

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Improving operational insight through design research

ServeFirst called us to develop a new design system and create a data visualisation module for end users to simplify activity monitoring.

Firstly, we conducted an in-depth analysis of ServeFirst's existing design elements and user interface components to identify areas for improvement and establish reorganization priorities for the new design system. Through collaborative workshops and iterative design processes, we developed a comprehensive library of reusable components and standardized design guidelines to ensure coherence and efficiency in interface development.

We also lead UX workshops with users to measure their reactions to complex operational data and make more informed design decisions. Our approach prioritized usability and functionality, aiming to enhance ServeFirst's capabilities in facilitating customer feedback management.

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Understanding cognitive models that define user flows

After settling on a design system and several data-viz components, we proceeded to work on the main cognitive models that woul define most of the user flows in ServeFirst's application. We started a comprehensive wireframing that would represent the different mental paths connecting each screen of the solution. We then tested and again until we found a satisfying combination ot the design system's integration, improved data readability and an overall better experience for the end user!

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