The Recruitment Network

The Recruitment Network

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The Recruitment Network provides recruitment leaders with the tools, advice, guidance, training and support to maximize the performance, productivity and profitability of their recruitment businesses. We built the social platform through which they manage their operation and interact with their users.

Building a social network as a growth platform for recruiters

The Recruitment Network offers collaborative learning and support for recruiters and mentors, along with industry-leading tools for recruitment businesses. They provide learning opportunities, community involvement, and additional services through paid memberships. Members gain access to a vast resource library, including expert content, tools, guides, articles, and video training.


The Recruitment Network required a quick build time for a relatively complex application across both web and mobile. We designed a very comprehensive web and mobile social platform through which they manage their operation (events planning, trainings, knowledge sharing, etc.) and interact with their users. The React Native for Web library was leveraged to allow use to create the web and mobile app in tandem, saving development time and allowing us to use just one codebase on the front end.

Efficient development and seamless integration

Needless to say, this was an intense, complex and demanding project. With a team of 6 developers, 1 designer and 1 product manager, hundreds of screens were thoroughly designed, coded, tested and deployed into a blazing fast, user friendly and responsive application. The TRN application can process the activity of thousands of users sharing a myriad of content formats, all of this using the latest React Native toolset. On top of that, we also crafted a dedicated marketing website built on Wordpress that integrates dozens of highly editable marketing assets and commercial pages (shown below).

Overall, this project led us to provide the following services to TRN :

UI/UX research and design:

  • We conducted design research to provide an efficient and brand-compatible user experience in our designs
  • We made a Design System to aid product development : components, style guides and coded elements with documentation

Software Engineering and Planning:

  • We put top-tier engineers to the task and used state of the art development practices, frameworks and libraries to produce a high-end 100% tailor made web application.
  • We organized sprints via multiple Kanban boards, including thoroughly scheduled tasks and a backlog of work accessible by every party involved, while also holding standups to share code, progress, and daily project insights.

DevOps activities :

  • Monitoring & Logging
  • Continuous Integration
  • Automated Testing

Data Science and Analytics:

  • We implemented specific KPIs to help TRN better understand the users and the platform
  • We made continuous SEO measurements and optimizations to help TRN's traction during the launch of their platform

Working with The Recruitment Network was a collaborative and rewarding experience. It lead us to deliver a truly cutting-edge platform that helps TRN to empower an industry in a new way.