UX Network

UX Network

Blockchain UI/UX Branding

UX Network is a public blockchain designed to enhance the security of decentralized apps (dApps) by prioritizing robust security measures and user identification. Neurotic was tasked with strengthening the protocol's visual identity on a brand new website.

UX Network is a public blockchain built for securing decentralized apps (also called dApps) that promises an unparalleled level of security. As any other distributed ledger technology, it enables a decentralized and transparent way of recording transactions across multiple computers, but with a focus on security and user identification.

UX Network's differentiating point

UX Network started out as a smart contract technology that provided substantial enhancements to the EOSIO operating system. These brought a compliance architecture, a stable resource model and a set of features that are essential to thriving blockchain applications.

Now UX Network offers a flexible, portable and cost-efficient Know Your Customer experience for decentralized apps, with a unique identity protocol for the blockchain's users. UX Network uses a staking contract for resource users and its identity protocol can operate across multiple blockchains. We were approached to strengthen the visibility and comprehension of this new set of features.

Partnering with UX Network on cutting-edge blockchain initiatives

Neurotic was tasked with creating the protocol's main website. This project primarily focused on reinforcing UX Network's visual identity, incorporating their main selling points and giving clear insights on the fundamentals of the technology. Built on VueJS, this project involved integrating user interfaces, branding visuals and marketing content into a clear web experience.

Collaborating with the UX Network on their main website made us experience how hard it can be to efficiently explain in simple terms the essence of crypto tech to a community, without losing too much of its depth and complexity. We also worked on a parent application for the UX Network, an e Automated Market Maker (AMM) called UtilityX.