Blockchain Branding UI/UX

0RIGIN is a multidisciplinary blockchain group focused on building decentralized models and crypto assets. Blending research from the fields of finance, technology and product innovation, 0RIGIN gave birth to multiple blockchain initiatives. We developed their brand and online presence.

Collaborating with 0RIGIN on new blockchain frontiers

0RIGIN is a company at the forefront of blockchain innovation, specializing in the development of decentralized models and cryptocurrency assets. Drawing research from finance, technology, and product design, 0RIGIN has spearheaded numerous blockchain initiatives, including QED, a project we've had the privilege to collaborate on previously.

This time, Neurotic was asked to develop a new flagship website for the company, involving a minimalistic animated navigation flow and a built-in Pong game (one of the first computer games ever created). This was mostly a design project that involved UX research, UI design, usability testing, branding and producing marketing content.

Working with 0RIGIN on their primary website, we had the opportunity to play with sleek visual interfaces, build a powerful and elegant brand identity, and craft an immersive online experience. We believe it mirrors the innovative spirit of 0RIGIN's blockchain endeavors.