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Neurotic works with data scientists, AI and machine learning engineers that can develop powerful solutions to facilitate decision making, boost productivity, and increase efficiencies. Our AI/ML team can help your business explore these cutting-edge technologies and generate unprecedented business opportunities.

Where our artificial intelligence talent comes from:

Become Machine Learning & AI enabled

Our main services in ML & AI

Assess the quality and depth of your data

Machine learning projects are often high-stakes projects due to their complex dependencies on substantial data sets. That's why we start by auditing your current data systems to reduce the risk before engaging in a project. In this way, we ensure that sufficient data is available and that expected outcomes are in line with your project goals.

Dataset cleaning and preprocessing

ML is extremely adept at processing large volumes of data if correctly prepared. We help you preprocess your data to make the most of AI algorithms. Gathering and structuring your data ensures that we have everything the model will need during training. We can improve your data quality for accurate analysis but also recur to proper data transfer mechanisms and secure, scalable storage solutions.

Training machine learning models to work for you

We create custom trained models capable of producing predictions. This phase aims to collect reproducible results and is key to give your app the ability to learn and improve over time. Depending on your case and needs, the model can start reasoning across text, images, audio, video, and code. When ready, the model is connected to your application.

Identify patterns and make data-driven automations

Leverage models to improve performance through process automation, predictive analytics, and anomaly detection. Gain a deeper understanding of your business operations and customer behavior. Transform your data into automated and smart self-learning tasks that will save you significant resources!

Making ML and AI projects accessible for our clients

There are a variety of machine learning solutions that can be tailored to different business needs! Don’t let the novelty of this fascinating field deter you. To make sure you get the most out of your project, our data science specialists will select the best approach for the specific needs of your business and your market.

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Blockchain Branding UI/UX

0RIGIN is a multidisciplinary blockchain group focused on building decentralized models and crypto assets. Blending research from the fields of finance, technology and product innovation, 0RIGIN gave birth to multiple blockchain initiatives. We developed their brand and online presence.

QED Oracle Network

QED Oracle Network

Blockchain UX/UI Branding

QED is a blockchain third-party service that provide smart contracts with secure, fast and verified external information. We we're tasked with helping QED to design their visual identity, brand strategy and product platform.



Blockchain UI/UX Agile

UtilityX, a crypto marketplace, took us on a transformative journey to streamline and unify their array of crypto-related products into a cohesive platform. Overcoming challenges of fragmentation and complexity, we employed agile methodologies and innovative design strategies to deliver a seamless user experience.

UX Network

UX Network

Blockchain UI/UX Branding

UX Network is a public blockchain designed to enhance the security of decentralized apps (dApps) by prioritizing robust security measures and user identification. Neurotic was tasked with strengthening the protocol's visual identity on a brand new website.

QX Labs

QX Labs

Crypto Design Blockchain

QBitcoin was a prototype for the world's first truly quantum coin, a technological leap in the realm of crypto and the beginning of a new era for quantum blockchain. For the team behind this solution, QX Labs, we provided content strategy, branding assets, design services and a brand new website to show their revolutionary concept.

Senior expertise in battle tested stacks

We favor tools that offer excellent development and design experience to our teams, allowing us to iterate and deploy quickly at very low costs. Our stack can produce highly performant web applications that will last through time and easily adapt to all business logics and client requirements.

The right talent for your ai projects success

Neurotic's multi-disciplinary team best reflects its capabilities to ship high grade digital projects. By partnering with Neurotic, our clients can rely on very experienced professionnals coming from reknowned tech companies and have the latest big tech practices applied to their projects.

Gonzalo D

James B

ML & Data Engineering

Gonzalo D

Ollie P

ML & Data Science

Gonzalo D

Zoltan B

Back End, DevOps & Infrastructure

Gonzalo D

Matt D

Back End, Audit & Compliance

Hear it from our customers


Luiz Henrique Trillo

Their team were able to provide very clear and helpful tech consultancy. Neurotic's experience in the development, management, and execution of tech products is excellent. Would recommend working with them for UI UX Design, Marketing and Software Development.


Sándor Tóth

Neurotic has been amazing to work with. They are extremely professional, but also take the project of the client very personal, making sure all obstacles and aspects are dealt with correctly. We had an excellent experience.


Lois Matthews

Great team of UI UX designers and software developers! I reached out to Neurotic to get a quote for my tech idea and they did a fantastic job breaking everything down. 10/10 would recommend.


Supergood! Bakery Team

We engaged Neurotic to get a quote for our web application and our expectations were exceeded. Great team and communication, always willing to go the extra mile, much recommended UI UX agency! Would highly recommend them to anyone.


Charles Brand

I hired Neurotic to develop my website, but it was much more than just a website development. They really went above and beyond, they created a tailored marketing development plan for me and followed through every step of the way.


Martin Rouvière

Neurotic is a great company to work with. They have built our new website and we have been very happy with the result! They handled this project very efficiently and I will definitely be doing future projects with them. I highly recommend them to anyone!


Julio Quintana

I've been working with Neurotic founders and developers. I've seen a great amount of motivation, creativity and professionalism. Their products' front- and back-end are equally strong, all built over thoroughly thought design. Definitely recommended!


Declan Ordish

I had a great experience with Neurotic. They were an amazing team, each of them were professional and great to work with. I would recommend this to everyone who needs any work done with front and backend web development.


Aleksandra Dychala

A very professional and capable team of UI UX Designers and Software Engineers. Worked with them on a HealthTech project and out of the agencies we worked with Neurotic is the best overall.

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