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Our mission is to craft world-class applications and web experiences using modern design and development practices. Neurotic’s team blends the right combination of technical and creative power to build high-end products, geared for success.

Where our engineering talent comes from:

Web proficiency that drives business growth

Our main services in web & app development

Fullstack and all-scales app development

Neurotic has your back for complex projects that require dynamic user flows, interactive functionalities and data processing power. We've delivered numerous full-stack apps for various clients and scales : marketplaces, e-commerce sites, social networks, educational tools, or financial platforms. With our battle-tested technologies paired with robust software architecture, we make scalable, resilient, and efficient solutions.

Design and QA that elevates your products

We conduct advanced UI/UX design services to produce intuitive and functional software interfaces along with our code. Additionally, we offer comprehensive Quality Assurance interventions to ensure reliability, and we provide numerous other design consultations tailored to your business needs. Our high grade design services aim to enhance the visual and functional quality of your products on the long run.

Powerful composable tools for any needs

We take pride in making our products accessible for our clients. We use the world's most popular CMSs to create responsive, scalable, and optimized websites that reflect our client’s identity and incorporate features as needed. Neurotic has also implemented multiple serverless solutions, custom-built editors, and a variety of other tools to help our clients create beautiful content. We work with what works best for you.

Custom and mobile-responsive experiences

All designs crafted by Neurotic are performant, custom and unique. We take extra care of projects targeting mobile audiences. Our developers prioritize optimal resolutions for all device sizes, ensuring your site is mobile-friendly, tablet-responsive, and works seamlessly across different browsers.

Landing pages that convert

We always strive to harmonize web performance, aesthetics, and commercial efficiency for our clients. We produce visually captivating landing pages with a single focus : delivering your Call-to-Actions to your audience. Through controlled experimentation and continuous optimization, we transform your visitors into satisfied customers.

Post-production care

Neurotic offers post-development support and maintenance services, including updates and backups, security patches, hosting on our servers, and technical interventions. We keep each website up-to-date, safe, and running smoothly, while freeing our clients from the hassle of managing it themselves.

app development projects


Changes Immigration

Changes Immigration

WordPress Law Firm UX/UI

Changes Immigration is a law firm specialized in UK inbound immigration matters from all countries. We helped them provide a completely new web experience to their users with a deep focus on knowledge sharing.

Silver Swan Recruitment

Silver Swan Recruitment

Recruitment Marketplace Rails CRM

Silver Swan is a private staffing agency and sourcing platform that places staff in private residences, yachts, villas and chalets, connecting thousands of workers from around the world with premium staff seekers. We build their staffing platform that included a job marketplace with search functionalities, a CRM and a CMS.

The Recruitment Network

The Recruitment Network

Social Network HR Tech React Native

The Recruitment Network provides recruitment leaders with the tools, advice, guidance, training and support to maximize the performance, productivity and profitability of their recruitment businesses. We built the social platform through which they manage their operation and interact with their users.

Dafne Records

Dafne Records

NFT platform Record Label React

Dafne Records is a London based independent record label. Their team tasked us to build a web application for the promotion of the label, comprising a CMS-driven marketing site and an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace.

Thee Curious Traveller

Thee Curious Traveller

eCommerce Shopify UI/UX

Thee Curious Traveller is a travel planning agency that offers curated trips for adventure travellers. They asked us to develop a solution to provide a smooth booking experience for their customers, which we built using the n°1 e-commerce platform: Shopify!



eCommerce Shopify UI/UX

The NET is a unique marketplace selling products for women of color. The company's focus is to bring the best beauty products to a demographic not properly served. We helped by developing a one of a kind Shopify store to serve The NET's mission.

Senior expertise in battle tested stacks

We favor tools that offer excellent development and design experience to our teams, allowing us to iterate and deploy quickly at very low costs. Our stack can produce highly performant web applications that will last through time and easily adapt to all business logics and client requirements.

The right talent for your web projects success

Neurotic's multi-disciplinary team best reflects its capabilities to ship high grade digital projects. By partnering with Neurotic, our clients can rely on very experienced professionnals coming from reknowned tech companies and have the latest big tech practices applied to their projects.

Gonzalo D

Matt D

Back End, Audit & Compliance

Gonzalo D

Zoltan B

Back End, DevOps & Infrastructure

Gonzalo D

Manu F

Front End & Rails Developer

Gonzalo D

Hao D

Software Scalability

Gonzalo D

Bea M

Senior UI/UX & Design Systems

Gonzalo D

Cesar G

React Developer

Gonzalo D

Isabel L

WordPress & Shopify Developer

Hear it from our customers


Luiz Henrique Trillo

Their team were able to provide very clear and helpful tech consultancy. Neurotic's experience in the development, management, and execution of tech products is excellent. Would recommend working with them for UI UX Design, Marketing and Software Development.


Sándor Tóth

Neurotic has been amazing to work with. They are extremely professional, but also take the project of the client very personal, making sure all obstacles and aspects are dealt with correctly. We had an excellent experience.


Lois Matthews

Great team of UI UX designers and software developers! I reached out to Neurotic to get a quote for my tech idea and they did a fantastic job breaking everything down. 10/10 would recommend.


Supergood! Bakery Team

We engaged Neurotic to get a quote for our web application and our expectations were exceeded. Great team and communication, always willing to go the extra mile, much recommended UI UX agency! Would highly recommend them to anyone.


Charles Brand

I hired Neurotic to develop my website, but it was much more than just a website development. They really went above and beyond, they created a tailored marketing development plan for me and followed through every step of the way.


Martin Rouvière

Neurotic is a great company to work with. They have built our new website and we have been very happy with the result! They handled this project very efficiently and I will definitely be doing future projects with them. I highly recommend them to anyone!


Julio Quintana

I've been working with Neurotic founders and developers. I've seen a great amount of motivation, creativity and professionalism. Their products' front- and back-end are equally strong, all built over thoroughly thought design. Definitely recommended!


Declan Ordish

I had a great experience with Neurotic. They were an amazing team, each of them were professional and great to work with. I would recommend this to everyone who needs any work done with front and backend web development.


Aleksandra Dychala

A very professional and capable team of UI UX Designers and Software Engineers. Worked with them on a HealthTech project and out of the agencies we worked with Neurotic is the best overall.

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